patch -p1

Dec 6th to Dec 8, Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie, Paris, France.

Welcome to the patch -p1 hackathon! A new hackathon for people who love Perl and its modern movement. The hackfun targets all Perl developers and is planned as an event with 3 days: 2 of hacking and 1 day with a bit of talk and more hacking :).

Early birds RDV:
Thursday evening from 8pm
at Maldoror
for a drink or a dinner (as you wish)
Details in wiki.

What's a hackathon?

The web has several definition for "hackathon", from the simple meeting of coders to the marathon with objectives, time-attack tracks, almost organized as an eSport contest.
patch -p1 will stick to the fun defintion: just a bunch of coders, working in the same place, sharing knowledge and tips, serious work in a fun environment.
The Carrefour Numérique² provides the room.
The French Perl Mongers brings food and beverages.
You come when you want, with a laptop and a few ideas to bring to life. Or you come to help others to bring their ideas to life.
You stay as long as you want (1 hour, 1 day, the whole 3 days...).
You meet new people, you code (in Perl), you help to code (in Perl).

More details...

Where? When?

The patch hackathons are at the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie in Paris, France and take part in the Carrefour Numérique² inside there.

patch -p1 starts on Friday Dec 6th and ends on Sunday 8th, from 10:00 to 18:30, non-stop.
(These are open hours. You come and leave when you want)

How much?

Free. No fee.

The treasurer of the French Perl Mongers says I should say that you can donate to our non-profit association if you want to.
But the event is free of charge!

What about registration?

This is not mandatory.

But it helps the organizers and you can edit the wiki.

More details...

Register here

Perl 5 or Perl 6?

Both... if we have people interested in any of those languages.

Once I'm here, what's the plan?

You arrive with yur laptop, you say Hello, you have a coffee (or not).
If you have an idea, a project and you need help, you ask for silence and present it.
If you come to help, either you tell it to the attendees or you go from one group to another and check whet they do and how you can help.

The plan is: coding on Friday, talking and coding on Satursday (if we have speakers), coding on Sunday.

Either you eat on site or you have a break outside. Your choice.

(Some) more details...

Who do you expect? Any skill required?

It's better if you know Perl.
We haven't planned any 'initiation' session. If you're a beginner, we'll help you to start, to progress.

So we're welcome beginners, casual coder, expert!

More details...

Code of Conduct?

None. Or just one sentence:
Be nice, pay attention to others.

We want to have a great time, so we expect you'll behave nicely. No need to insist on that.

Nevertheless there will be the organizers, the staff of Carrefour Numérique² .
Don't let anyone piss you off, don't let anyone being pissed off.

Anything in the evenning?

Not yet. But, from experience, there will be.
Details will be in the wiki.


If you have any questions, email us at or at at

Please register for the event here.