patch -p0

Welcome to the patch -p0 hackathon! A new hackathon for people who love Perl and its modern movement. The hackathon targets all Perl developers and is planned as an event with 2 days of hacking and one day with a bit of talk and more hacking :).

The patch -p0 takes place from Friday, July 26 till Sunday, July 28. On Saturday, we will drop in the talks, somewhere in between the day, but we try to setup something like a shedule before on the page!

It's from 10:00 to 18:30

The patch hackathons are at the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie-Universcience in Paris, France and take part in the Carrefour Numérique inside there. The plan is to make several hackathons every year here, because this location is giving a very inspiring base for developing new ideas and code.

As the event welcomes beginners, we try to put a big focus on helping beginners and trying to integrate them into the open source contribution flow. Especially out the experiences of the Quack and Hack 2012 Europe at the same location, we saw how productive it can be to integrate people from outside of the development scene into our problems. I hope we get also this time some people from non development areas, like designer.

The advanced users can use the event to work on projects with the help on others, mostly we say in advance what we plan to do, so you might find people who wanna help you :).

The event cost 30 €, but thanks to a little sponsorship of the French Perl Mongers, if you are really need the money, we are happy to pay you back at location, and if you want to drop in more, it would be very very good, we are trying to run this event without any sponsorship, even tho it is of course welcome!

As a special deal we offer DIRECTLY for you to book the hotel with the registration to the event. We reserved 7 rooms at a nearby hotel and so you just can pay for this here and we take care of you when you arrive. We only cover hotel rooms from Friday to Sunday, but if you want to stay longer around, we can extend the reservation probably, PLEASE TELL US ON FRONT! The room cost 70 € per person in the double room.

If you have any questions, email me at

Please register for the event here.