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You don't need to buy and eat the hotel's breakfast, as breakfast will be served on site. Pastries, coffee, tea, orange juice. A solid breakfast to start your hacking day.


Lunch and snacks will be served on site.



We'll go to Tutti Quanti, italian restaurant, 52 Avenue Félix Faure, 69003 Lyon,
close to rue Garibaldi.
1.5 km from the hotel (Café Perl was 3km away)
At the same tramway station as RedHouse/La tartine (Wednesday evening)


Proposal :
La petite tendance, lebanese restaurant, 56 cours Emile zola, in Villeurbanne
1.5 km from the hotel.


We've been to the Café Perl, where rue du Président Edouard Henriot
crosses rue Grenette and rue Tupin

We left the hotel around 7pm (more 7.30pm in fact), and walk to the restaurant. It's a 20 min walk (more 30-40 in the end).

If some want to use bus, use the line 13 gare Part-Dieu station to Cordelliers

Pre-hackathon meeting

On Wednesday, November 26, Laurent and Philippe will be waiting for people between 19:00 and 22:00 (we will probably depart from the hotel around 18:45) between those two locations:

Both are close to the tram stop "Manufacture Montluc" on the T4 tram line.

The hotel bar is the other option, for those too tired to move. It stops serving at midnight, but the room stays open.

Places to eat, places to drink

Because dinner is not organised, this means you'll be free to roam the city in small groups, looking for food or drinks.

We'll add a list of restaurants and bars below.




Attendees that have diet requirements (e.g., vegetarian, kosher, allergies, etc.) can list them below. We will try our best to provide food everyone can/will eat.

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