patch -p2

(More details on patch -p2 hackathon)

What's a hackathon?

The web has several definitions for "hackathon", from the simple meeting of coders to the marathon with objectives, time-attack tracks, almost organized as an eSport contest.

patch -p2 will not be that extreme. It'll be a meeting of hackers, who get together to work on projects old and new. One of the hosted projects focusses on modernizing Act.

Act is a multilingual, template-based conference manager, written in Perl by some French Perl Mongers for YAPC::Europe 2003 (in Paris, France). They then improved it to serve multiple conferences.
Since it went live, it served, and still serves, more than 150 Perl conferences worldwide. provides the room for 4 days (Thursday to Sunday), with network, electricity, tables, chairs... The French Perl Mongers brings food and beverages.

To summarize, and the French Perl Mongers provide you with a working environment, free entrance. Come to improve Act, or its website (that deserves a relooking too!)

We organized patch -p0 in July 2013, patch -p1 in December 2013, both in Paris.
patch -p2 will be held in Lyon, in November 2014.

Where? When?

This patch hackathon will be held in the office of , 192 avenue Thiers, in Lyon, France.
It's 5 to 10 minutes from a Part-Dieu train station, by foot (follow the tramway to the left).

patch -p2 starts on Thursday Nov 27th and ends on Sunday 30th, from 9:00 to 19:00, non-stop.
(These are opening hours. You come and leave when you want).

How much?

Free. No fee.

The treasurer of the French Perl Mongers says I should mention that you can donateto our non-profit association if you want to.
There is also a Fund for Act development that is meant to help organizing such an event.
But the event is free of charge!

What about registration?

This is mandatory for this edition: office if not open to public. They need to know their guests.


If you want to know if you can come "right now, I can be there in 30 min", connect IRC, channel #patch of and ask.

Register here

Perl 5 or Perl 6?

Act is written in Perl 5. This hackathon of modernization does not aim to rewrite it in Perl 6.
Nevertheless some could start a prototype and prepare the next evolution...

Once I'm here, what's the plan?

We will be in a meeting room at .
The lunch room is a couple of meters from it. You'll find there coffee, tea, juices, snacks...
Either you have an idea on what you want to achieve during those 4 days or you're just here to help.
In any case, let it know. We'll arrange connections with people who can help you, or that you could help.

Either you eat on site or you have a break outside. Your choice.

We will start a wiki entry before the hackathon so everyone can write what they plan to work on or offer their help.
(You'll have to be registered to modify the wiki).

The plan is: coding on Thursday, coding on Friday, coding on Satursday, coding on Sunday.
At the beggining of the day, we'll have a standup to explain what are our goals for the day and what help we could use.
At the end of the day, another standup to tell the achievements of the day, the ideas for the evening or the day after (yes, some cannot be stop!)

Around 11 o'clock, organizers could ask what you want to eat/drink (on place). If needed, they'll go for some shopping around.
You help yourself when you're hungry.
If you have constraints or preferences (diet, allergy...), feel free to tell us. We want healthy and happy hackers!

Who do you expect? Any skill required?

It's better if you know Perl and Act (the framework behind this website, among others).

The website of Act also needs a brand new look. If you think you can help and can survive in a room of Perl hackers, come and help.

Code of Conduct?

It fits in two sentences: Be excellent to each other. If anything is less than excellent, talk to the organizers.

We want to have a great time, so we expect you'll behave nicely. No need to insist on that.

The hackathon is held at the office. Respect the work of their employees.

Nevertheless there will be the organizers.
Don't let anyone bother you, don't let anyone be bothered.

Anything in the evenning?

Some of you may have travelled days to be there (or even just a couple of hours). Sometimes the feeling is so good that some want to spend extra hours either coding or just chatting.
Nothing's planned yet. But likely we'll have a first in a bar close by, with free WiFi. Then we could have dinner together.

We publish the plans in the wiki asap.

Captain Obvious speaking: more motivation if we have 15 registered persons, than if we have only 3 :-)


If you have any questions, email us at or at

Please register for the event here.