Everything about patch -p3

What is a hackathon?

The web has several definition for "hackathon", from the simple meeting of coders to the marathon with objectives, time-attack tracks, almost organized as an eSport contest.
patch -p3 will not be that extreme. It'll be a meeting of hackers, working on their projects, and ready to help you with yours.

Booking.com provides the room for one day (Saturday), with network, electricity, tables, chairs...
The French Perl Mongers bring food and beverages.

To summarize, Booking.com and the French Perl Mongers provide you with a working environment, free entrance, for a full day.

We organized patch -p0 in July 2013, patch -p1 in Decembre 2013, both in Paris; patch -p2 in November 2014 in Lyon. patch -p3 will be held in September 12th 2015, in Lyon as well.

Where is this happening?

This patch hackathon will be held in the office of Booking.com , 192 avenue Thiers, in Lyon, France.
It's 5 to 10 minutes from a Part-Dieu train station, by foot (follow the tramway to the left).

patch -p3 is happning on Saturday September 12, from 9:00 to 19:00, non-stop.
(These are opening hours. You come and leave when you want, but please register to get access.)

Is registration required?

This is mandatory for this edition: Booking.com offices are not open to public. They need to know their guests.


If you want to make a last minute appearance at the hackathon, connect to IRC, channel #patch of irc.perl.org and simply ask about it.

Register here

How much does it cost?

Free. No fee.

The treasurer of the French Perl Mongers says I should say that you can donate to our non-profit association if you want to.
But the event is free of charge!

Is there a need for preparation?

The hackathon only last for one day. If you want this to be a productive, it's important to be prepared.

Have a look at the wiki, look for an interesting project or add your own.

So it's for experts?

It's better if you know Perl.
We haven't planned any 'initiation' session. If you're a beginner, we'll help you to start, to progress.

We welcome everyone: beginners, casual coder, expert!

What happens on the big day?

We will be in a meeting room at Booking.com .
The lunch room is a couple of meters from it. You'll find there coffee, tea, juices, snacks...
Either you have an idea on what you want to achieve during this day or you're just here to help.
In any case, let it know. We'll arrange connections with people who can help you, or that you could help.

Either you eat on site or you have a break outside. Your choice.

The page Projets on the wiki is available so that one can write what they plan to work on or offer their help.
(You'll have to be registered to modify the wiki).

The plan is: coding all day long.
At the beggining of the day, we'll have a standup to explain what are our goals for the day and what help we could use.
At the end of the day, another standup to tell the achievements of the day, the ideas for the evening or the day after (yes, some cannot be stop!)

Around 11 o'clock, organizers could ask what you want to eat/drink (on place). If needed, they'll go for some shopping around.
You help yourself when you're hungry.
If you have constraints or preferences (diet, allergy...), feel free to tell it. We want healthy and happy hackers!

Code of Conduct

Be excellent to each other. If anything is less than excellent, talk to the organisers.


If you have any questions, email us at book@cpan.org or at elbeho@mongueurs.net.

Please register for the event here.